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Gantry cranes


All our Gantry Cranes are equipped with double-speed movements. The following optional can be added: footbridge for inspection and maintenance, radio remote control, roof for protection of all crane or only for the trolley, end beam with multi-wheel groups, double-speed movements operated by remote control. The present production of SAMO srl is composed by Single Beam Gantry Cranes and Double Beam Gantry Carnes, with different capacity and span. Our commercial office is at your disposal to offer good solutions for any requirements.

Into “Photo gallery” you can find some example of application.

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Gru zoppa 20 + 20 Ton
Gru con sbalzi laterali 30 Ton x 18  (Lavorazione marmi)
Gru a cavalletto 20Ton x 20m
Gru 10 Ton x 20 m (Produzione carp. metallica)
Gru 30 Ton; 50 m di corsa gancio; vel. 20 m/min
Portata 30 Ton; 50 m di corsa gancio; vel. 20 m/min

Gru a cavalletto 32 + 5 Ton x 28 m
Gru 30 Ton x 12,5 m

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