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Jib cranes


Light Jib Cranes with rotating arm are machines destined to cover single workspaces, with limited capacity requirements.
Our range of production is complete of all jib cranes versions: jib cranes installed on wall and jib cranes with pillar, with capacity between 125 and 2.000kg, with span until 8 meters and with rotation area until 270°.
For bigger capacity and/or bigger span we produce heavy jib cranes with electrical rotation, with 360° rotation area and capacity until 20 tons.

Into “Photo gallery” there are some application examples.

Click on the images to enlarge.

Gru a Bandiera 12Ton x 6m (per uso marino)

Jib crane
12 Ton x 6 m
(Marine use)

Gru a bandiera installata in Grecia

Nr 12 Jib cranes
20 Ton x 6 m
(Installed in Greece)

N. 6 gru a bandiera 1 Ton x 4 m

Nr 6 Jib cranes
1 Ton x 4 m
(Mechanical workshop)

Gru a bandiera 0,5 Ton x 4 m (Officina)

Jib crane
0,5 Ton x 4 m
(Mechanical workshop)

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