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The factory

SAMO Engineering & Service srl operates into industrial lifting sector since 1989; it builds mainly Bridge Cranes, Gantry Cranes, Jib Cranes, trasloelevators and, in general, complete lifting plants, as well as parts and accessories.
The Company, since the beginning, followed a path to Quality that lead up, during years, to an always better construction technique, and to and to a superior grade of customer satisfaction. SAMO srl has the ISO 9001 certification, it has technicians and other skilled workers (for example it has welders and welding proceedings, certified according to ASME and EN rules) and it can offer to clients a range of qualified products, built with components of prime brands, using the most effective proceeding and the know-how acquired during the time.
SAMO srl offers to all his clients a maintenance and assistance service for lifting plants, also with convenient contract of multi-year assistance.

Foto dell'azienda a Pergola PU

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