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Single girder cranes


SAMO Single Girder Bridge Cranes with capacity until 10 tons, can be used in particular sectors in which is required a not onerous utilization, even maintaining a good reliability.
Compactness and lightness of single girder bridge crane offers installation advantages inside shed, also if not prearranged. It is also possible an optimal space exploitation thanks to trolley-hoists with minimal overall dimensions, that allows an elevated hook path and a minimal lateral approaching.
Single Girder Bridge Crane can be controlled from the ground exclusively by Push Button Pendant Station or by Radio Remote Control.

Inside "Photo gallery" you can find some examples.

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Girder cranes technical data

Gru a ponte monotrave 3,2Ton x 10m
Particolare testata di gru a ponte monotrave
Quattro gru monotrave SAMO
Gru monotrave SAMO 6,3 Ton in centrale geotermica ENEL
Gru monotrave con paranco STAHL
Gru monotrave SAMO 10 Ton
Gru monotrave all'esterno 6,3 Ton
Gru a ponte 0,4 Ton con paranco a catena

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